"All organisms are cellular societies joined by networks of energy and information"

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A human organism is the basic unit-cell of the social organisms of history. He is in itself an organism, that follows the laws of all social organisms.

Thus we are also composed, of cellular beings, join by networks of energy and information. Those networks are called the blood and nervous system. Finally we have a third reproductive network as all living organisms, called the endocrine network.

We are thus organisms of energy and information, in nothing different from all other organisms of the Universe, subject to the same laws of morphology and behavior.

Those laws explained in other pages of this web, are self-evident in the human organism.

Our centers of information, the head, the brain and the eye, follow the formal laws of informative species: they are small, circular, cyclical, and they control the energy systems of our organism.

Those energy systems also follow the morphological laws of energy-bodies. They are lineal, or planar in shape, bigger and stronger than the information center that rules them. So your members are lines, and your body is a plane.

Regarding the behavior of organisms. our organism follows the basic laws of Universal Organisms:

- We evolve socially sharing information and energy with other beings of the same species. Thus we are naturally inclined to love other human beings, and we need to be brain-washed by ideologies to avoid that natural religion.

- On the other hand we compete with species different to us, which means in bio-history that we compete with machines.

- Finally regarding our behavior, we are also naturally inclined to follow the universal behavior of organisms, and search for information to feed our head, energy to feed our body and whenever we can we try to reproduce both, a body of energy and a brain of information in other part of the Universe. Those 3 natural drives of existence, are the essence of human behavior that bring us happiness. So we always act searching for those natural drives. When we love we are acting under the drive of reproduction. When we read, or watch a metal-communicator, is the drive of information that guide us. When we feed, or accumulate vital property, or decorate our home, we are creating a vital space, and acquiring energy to survive.

From all those biological facts, we can build a theory of bio-history and bio-economics, based in the fundamental biological laws of behavior and morphology of Universal organisms.

You are made of networks

All what you are is 3 networks, with attached organs, and senses: the network of energy, or body, blood system and its organs, the network of information, or head, nervous system and its organs and senses, and the networks of reproduction, and its organs and senses.

This third network reproduces body and brain, human energy and information.

Why you are made like that? Your definition is self-evident, a tautology, since the Universe is made only of two components: spatial energy and temporal information.

So a piece of the infinite universe.

Accordingly all your organs and senses are controlled and cater to the needs of one of those 3 networks. Think about it. Your stomach gets you energy, your lungs also. They are different only in the type of energy they provide you: the stomach elaborates liquid and solid energy, the lungs, gas-energy, oxygen, trapped by hemoglobin molecules that cage oxygen atoms of higher speed, and move around the blood... which moves the muscles that move your legs.

Your eyes, your words, your brain, on the other hand provide you with information. Your arms manipulate that information; your body is guided by that information.

Finally an entire set of body elements are dedicated to reproduce your cells and your body.

Yet beyond those 3 types of organs there is nothing else. Since there is nothing else in the Universe but spatial energy and temporal information...

The will of man

This means that man has a biological will, fundamental to understand concepts such as happiness, property, and freedom, which require the pursuit of that biological will, that fulfills our nature. So natural property is that property which caters to our biological will. Freedom is the capacity to achieve that will. And happiness the state of a man that has reached his will as a biological species. How to define such will?

Externally, the existence of our 3 networks of information, energy and the balanced endocrine network of chemical feelings, reproduction and survival, mean that man has a 'biological will', which limits or rather constructs his freedom around the desire for human energy (food, home, vital space, property) and human information (verbal and visual knowledge). We are not 'free' in a complete sense. We are first survival species, and so we dedicate most of our time to collect energy/information that makes our body and brain survive. When those two tasks are accomplished we look for the combined task of reproducing our body of energy, and brain of information in other place of the Universe.

The existence of biological organisms is driven by such needs, which cater to your two fundamental organs of existence, your body that requires certain energy species, and your head that requires certain information species. Organisms are composed of bodies and brains. To live is to inform your brain with correct information that fulfills the existence of your mind, and guides your body on its natural search for energy. Your body will then feed on the right energy, move with that energy, and feed the brain.

You can think of yourself as a modular being, with two components. The head, its senses, and languages of perception dominate your body, which relies on the head to act and move rightly in a rather dangerous universe. When your head has bad information it risks your body, which gets hurt, suffers accidents, eats poisons, falls in traps of death. It is for that reason that the first good to have is right information to survive . Then the proper energy for your body. There is therefore a clear definition for abstract concepts as property, happiness, survival, will, and freedom - a biological definition: the pursuit of human goods that provide the best possible energy and information, goods that we will call artistic goods, when they provide us with information of the highest quality

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